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The cameras are the eyes of your security camera system. Without cameras there is no footage. Security cameras are often the overlooked area of a security camera system and where people make the biggest mistakes. We stock a concise range of cameras so as not to confuse, however if uncertain, please get in touch and we will be able to recommend the best camera for your location.

Optical Zoom vs Digital Zoom
There are 2 different types of zoom. One is totally useless when it comes to security camera images and the other is really useful and 4Wires Communications recommended. When digital zoom is used the image ends up pixelated and blurry. Optical zoom on the other hand makes the size of the image recorded much larger resulting in a nice and clear zoomed in image.

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Identification vs IR Distance
When selecting the best security camera for your needs, the distance at which you can identify a person should be high on your list – after all, what use is a security camera system if you can’t identify a person! Make sure you get it right, first time. Learn more about what the range of a camera really means!

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Camera Types
There are many different types of security cameras available. Some are good. Some are, well, not so good! With extensive experience and testing of many products we have developed a concise range of cameras designed and built to our exact specification. When selecting our product range we give a great deal of attention not only to the quality of the image the camera produces but to the robustness of the camera body, how easy it will be to install and many more factors.

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Hybrid Cameras
Here at Orange Security we recommend the HD-TVI technology however our camera range are actually hybrid cameras so they can be used in existing systems. We explain in detail what technologies are supported in this section.

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Camera Connections

Every product that we sell here at 4Wires Communications uses industry standard camera connections. These are BNC for video and DC Socket for power. Some manufacturers will try to tie you into their product line with custom cables and connectors. Don’t fall into this trap. Read this section to find out what to look for.

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Recording in Low Light
For approximately 50% of the time security cameras are recording in low light conditions. Ensuring you get good images at night as well as during the day is vital when it comes to the selection of your security cameras.

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PTZ Cameras
PTZ or Pan, Tilt, Zoom cameras (also known as speed domes) are a specialist product that can be used to great effect when used properly. When fitted unnecessarily however they cost more money and don’t necessarily do what you are sold. Have a look at this

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