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Every business owner, at one point or another, has worried about someone stealing from their business. A great way to protect your business’s physical assets is a comprehensive commercial alarm system. This is where 4 Wire comes in. We offer businesses of all sizes smart, commercial alarm systems that are tailored to your business. This way, you can find comfort in the knowledge that your business is protected from burglary, vandalism, and employee theft at any hour.

Commercial Burglar Alarm Systems

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A commercial burglary alarm systems not only quickly notifies the central station alarm monitoring company in the case of a break-in, it can contain crime before it happens. Setting up an emergency alarm system is one particularly effective way to avoid breach of security of commercial space and lose of belongings.

Why Choose 4Wires Communications?

We leverage our years of experience in the industry and the latest technologies to develop commercial alarm solutions for businesses of different sizes and ultimately improve their security. Whether you want an alarm system with glass break detection, motion sensors, panic buttons, wireless or wired alarm systems, and remote access with a free mobile app, we are the company for the job.
Plus, all our systems are scalable and flexible, making them easy to integrate with different security systems such as video surveillance and access control. This way, whenever something happens on or in your business premise will alert you as quickly as possible and ensure the appropriate authorities are informed.

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