HD-TVI Security Systems Package

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Our Video Surveillance Systems are trusted by 1000’s of our residential and business customers. 4WIres Communication offering full service: free estimate, Installation and training. Our  sales professionals would offer you whole range of different brands and types of cameras and recorders.


Upgrading your standard definition system to HD-TVI can be done with minimal cost and fuss as HD-TVI uses the same cable infrastructure and plug and play installation techniques as SD analogue. Upgrading is as easy as simply replacing your standard definition for HD-TVI and plugging it in. As all Hikvision TVI DVRs support standard definition analogue cameras and HD-TVI cameras you are able to upgrade the system gradually allowing you to leave some SD analogue cameras operational whilst others are upgraded to HD-TVI.
Our HD-TVI Systems combine the latest technology 1080p Full High Definition Video.  These high definition systems are installed the same way as older analog DVR systems.  The ONLY difference is clarity. Instead of analog “lines of resolution” images, these HD Camera Systems are measured in megapixels.  Since HD video is fully digitalized from the camera to the recorder, you are able to will have an exceptional close up and zoom capabilities.
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