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Voice and Data CablingIt is no secret that voice and data cabling is the backbone of efficient communications in any business. Several devices companies use, from phones to computers, multimedia devices, and printers, all require the right cabling systems to run properly.
However, most companies tend to struggle with maintaining order in their voice and data cabling systems, which can negatively affect their network and community. Luckily, at 4Wire Communications, we provide expert voice and data cabling solutions that will ensure your communication systems run without a hitch with shorter downtimes.


Why Choose 4Wires Communications?

When 4Wires Communications is handling your voice and data cabling needs, you can always count on us to find the ideal cabling infrastructure to suit your business’s present and future needs. Our technicians have a lot of experience designing and installing voice and data cable systems that will support a variety of technologies. All our cabling solutions are designed to take into account your business requirements and ensure you have the right cable infrastructure to suit your present needs. We also design our solutions to be flexible and scalable making certain they can easily grow with the business or support emerging technologies.
Our daily services include:
• Data Network Wiring & Cabling
• Cat 5e, Cat 6, Coax, Fiber Optic Installation for Structured Voice & Data Network Cabling
• Installation and Termination of Patch Panels
• Cable Certification

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