Access Control

Building Security Access and Entry System

Keep your facility safe and secure. Whatever areas you need to monitor and/or restrict access to, 4Wires Communications is here to help. 4Wires Communications with multiple high-quality access control manufacturers to bring you a custom access control solution that works for you.

What is Access Control?

Access control allows you to control and monitor who has access to certain areas of your business. It can be keyless entry pads, time locks, or an ID location scanner. You can monitor activity, and control your facility’s security and access concerns. Keep unwanted people out, while keeping an eye on people who are there. Gain greater control and security with an access control system.

Gain More Control

Access control systems allow you to control every access detail of your home or business. You can fine-tune each set to meet your needs. Central Security can tailor the system to you, and pick out the best equipment to accomplish that. Once you have an access control system from Central Security, you will wonder how you ever got along without it!


Mobile Monitoring

Being able to keep an eye on your business while you are away is one of the best security innovations of the past few years. Mobile access monitoring is simple and gives you peace of mind that is worth its weight in gold. You can receive alerts, track who is coming or going, and stay up on who is accessing your facility. Mobile monitoring allows you to take action no matter where you are. This feature is invaluable to the business owner who is on the move.

Free Site Survey & Estimate

4Wires Communications will come to your site and design the perfect system for your needs and budget. You’ll get an assessment of your space, and a free estimate on what it will cost to install. Have Central Security tailor an access control system for you today.

Highly Rated Equipment

We partner with the top access control companies in the world. They all have proven success and can be customized to work with your access control situation. Most commercial access and security systems also come with warranties should something go wrong. It is important to know that you and the things you need to protect most are taken care of by reliable systems, technology, and equipment. We make sure that all of your needs are met by working with you to find customized security solutions.

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