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Experience Enhanced Security and Convenience with Our Access Control Systems in New York City. Free Estimates Available!

At 4Wires Communications, we recognize the critical importance of safeguarding your business and assets from potential security threats and vulnerabilities. That's why we focus on providing access control solutions in New York City, tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Our team of specialists is skilled in the design, installation, repair, and maintenance of access control systems suitable for businesses of any size. By implementing role-based and identity-based access control systems, we guarantee that only authorized personnel can access restricted areas.

Fully customized access control systems

Protecting Homes

Our access control solutions at 4Wires Communications adhere to industry standards and regulations, make sure your hose maintains security and compliance at all times. We can seamlessly integrate our systems with your existing infrastructure, facilitating comprehensive access management.

Protecting Businesses

Searching for comprehensive security solutions designed specifically for businesses? Look no further than 4Wires Communications. Serving NYC since 2005, our team of experts is ready to collaborate with you to design and implement a tailored commercial access control installation security plan that fits best!

A Wide Range of Customized, Integrable, and Fully Remote Systems

In addition to rise physical security, we also provide electronic access control and network security solutions to safeguard your digital assets against potential cyber threats. Our cloud-based access control systems allow you to manage access rights and permissions remotely, boosting secure and efficient operation.

At 4Wires Communications, we manage your access control systems entirely, allowing you to concentrate on other crucial business operations. Our systems not only bolster your business’s security but also streamline space management, enhancing overall employee productivity.

Access Control Types

These systems provide a secure and convenient method for controlling access to buildings or facilities. Rather than relying on traditional keys, users can gain entry through a keypad, card, or fob programmed with specific access permissions. This type of access control system is widely utilized in commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, and residential complexes. 4Wires Communications delivers customized solutions tailored to businesses of all sizes, offering both standalone and networked system options.
Cloud-based access control solutions from 4Wires Communications enable remote management and monitoring through a web-based interface. This system offers unparalleled flexibility and convenience, allowing users to control access from anywhere with an internet connection. With these solutions, businesses can efficiently manage access rights and permissions for employees, vendors, and visitors, while also tracking and monitoring access activities. 4Wires Communications provides a range of cloud-based access control options tailored to meet the specific needs of each business.
Mobile access systems from 4Wires Communications utilize mobile devices like smartphones or tablets to control entry to buildings or facilities. This approach removes the requirement for physical keys, access cards, or fobs, streamlining the access control process. At 4Wires Communications, you will find mobile access systems that integrate seamlessly with various technologies, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Near Field Communication (NFC), enhancing operational efficiency and security.
Security turnstile systems are a form of physical access control employed by 4Wires Communications to manage the flow of individuals into and out of buildings or facilities. These systems are essential in high-security areas like government buildings and airports to restrict unauthorized access. 4Wires Communications provides a diverse range of security turnstile options, including full-height turnstiles, tripod turnstiles, and waist-high turnstiles, to meet various security needs.
ID badging systems are crucial for creating and managing badges for employees, contractors, or visitors, allowing them to be identified when accessing a building or facility. These systems not only facilitate identification but also help in tracking and monitoring access activities, adding an additional layer of security. At 4Wires Communications, we offer a variety of ID badging systems to meet your specific needs, including traditional photo ID badges and proximity cards.

Enhance Your Security with Customized Access Control Solutions in New York City

Implement Protocols and Manage Access Rights Instantly

Quickly establish access protocols, granting or revoking permissions as needed to maintain security and flexibility.

Real-Time Entry and Exit Monitoring

Achieve continuous monitoring control over all entry and exit points, boosting a secure environment in real time.

Boost Workplace Productivity and Efficiency

Enhance the productivity and efficiency of your workplace by streamlining access processes and reducing disruptions.

Reduce Costs Related to Theft and Property Damage

Minimize financial losses associated with theft, property damage, and potential harm to business reputation.

Enhance Safety by Restricting Hazardous Area Access

Control access to hazardous areas to comply with health and safety regulations, safeguarding both personnel and visitors.

Detailed User and Visitor Tracking

Monitor the frequency and specific locations of user and visitor movements within the facility to ensure security and operational efficiency.

Alarm Notifications for Unauthorized Access

Set up alarm events to alert security personnel about unauthorized access or unsecured doors, enhancing response times.

Integration with Surveillance and Alarm Systems

a comprehensive security system by integrating access control with video surveillance, alarm systems, and other software.

Access Control Systems by Brands

HID: Leading provider of secure identity solutions, specializing in card readers, smart cards, and access management software. Residential & Commercial. 

ROSSLARE: High-quality security products specializing in access control systems, offering scalable solutions for enterprise and SMB applications.

Brivo Access Control: Cloud-based access control system offering remote management, mobile credentials, and integrated video surveillance capabilities.

Keri Systems: Delivers integrated security solutions including access control, video surveillance, and identification systems for various industries.

S2 Security: Provider of advanced security management systems, integrating access control, alarm monitoring, and video surveillance into a single solution.

KeyScan Access Control: Offers robust access control solutions focusing on innovative software and hardware for secure facility management.

Milestone: Known for powerful video management software that integrates with access control systems for enhanced security operations.

Paxton: Designs simple, yet powerful security solutions for access control, door entry, and building intelligence systems.

IEI: Industry leaders in electronic access control, offering keypads and card access systems for secure entry management.

LATCH: Modern access control systems that combine hardware, software, and services to make spaces better to live, work, and visit.

Allegion: Global pioneer in safety and security, offering innovative access control solutions across a wide range of sectors.

ZKAccess: Specializes in biometric and RFID product solutions for security and time management needs in various environments.

Salto: Revolutionizes access control with wire-free networked locking solutions, offering flexible and scalable security technologies.

Avigilon Alta: High-end security solutions featuring advanced video analytics and access control systems designed for critical infrastructure.

Amazon: While primarily an e-commerce giant, it provides consumer-focused home access control products like Amazon Key.

Hartman’s: Delivers bespoke access control systems, emphasizing custom solutions tailored to client-specific security requirements.

Kantech: Offers comprehensive access control technologies including software, hardware, and integrated solutions for secure facility management.


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