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4Wires Communications specializes in structured cabling design and installation, including voice and data cabling, as well as network and fiber optic installation.

When selecting top-tier structured cabling companies for your project, consider us your certified experts in structured cabling and low voltage contracting. We specialize in voice and data cabling, office network cabling, data center solutions, and low voltage wiring throughout New York City.

Our full range of cabling and wiring services includes:

Network & Data Cabling

We design and configure systems for seamless communication and integration across IT devices, utilizing fiber optic, Cat 5e, and Cat 6 cables.

Communications Cabling

This service is designed to enhance internal communication by focusing on the integration and optimization of in-office landline telephone systems.

Structured Cabling

Our structured cabling solutions provide consistency and ease of maintenance, ensuring that your network can efficiently handle both current and future technological demands.

Cable and Wiring Repair

We offer diagnostic and repair services for existing cabling systems, along with upgrades and enhancements to improve performance and reliability.

Server Rack Cabling

Our approach includes labeled and professionally organized cabling tailored for data center racks to ensure efficiency and ease of maintenance.

Cable and Wiring Repair

We offer diagnostic and repair services for existing cabling systems, along with upgrades and enhancements to improve performance and reliability.

NYC Cabling Services

Cabling For New Offices / Locations

If you're setting up in a new office or location, 4Wires Communications can evaluate your company’s needs and design a cable network system that ensures optimal functionality and reliability. Our team of skilled low voltage cable installers will then professionally install and wire your network system, ensuring everything operates as intended. They will also conduct thorough testing and certification and label each cable for easy identification.

Business Relocation

Relocating your business involves numerous practical details. 4Wires Communications can manage your cable and network infrastructure, facilitating a smoother transition. We'll establish your new network systems and install all necessary cables for backbone and in-office infrastructure.

Improve Existing Infrastructure

4Wires Communications can enhance your existing wiring infrastructure with minimal disruption to your daily operations. We perform diagnostics, make repairs, and stabilize your current system before upgrading and enhancing your setup with the latest technology and high-quality products.
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Network Cabling Installation NYC

NYC Wiring Contractors

Whether your project involves new construction requiring comprehensive cabling or an existing facility needing additional data drops, we are equipped to meet all your structured cabling and wiring needs.

As a seasoned low voltage contractor and structured cabling provider in New York City, we possess deep expertise in delivering professional voice and data network cabling and wiring services across various industries. We collaborate effectively with construction contractors, management companies, IT managers, architects, interior designers, and business owners.

Our highly skilled engineers and low voltage installers are adept at designing, installing, implementing, and servicing advanced network systems tailored to your specific environment and requirements.


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