How do I update my emergency contacts or code word?

There are multiple ways to update your emergency contact information.  You can submit the changes via mail or fax. Our address and phone numbers are under the Contact Us tab on the website.  You may also request a 4Wires Communications dispatcher to mail or fax a new emergency contact form to fill out. Please reference your account name, address, and codeword with authorizing signature on mailed and fax requests.  A signature is not required on emailed requests but your code word is MANDATORY. You can email your request to service@4wires.com

How long does my panel battery usually last?

It depends on the battery technology. You can refer to your systems owner’s manual or Please call the Service Department at 718-715-1886 for more details.

How can I test my system?

Before attempting to test your system,  please call 4Wires Communications monitoring department with codeword and test time request.  The number is 718-715-1886 or you can use our toll-free number 855-562-2502.

When can we make arrangements for a service appointment?

Service dispatchers are available during normal business hours 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 718-715-1886 or you can use our toll-free number 855-562-2502. Alternatively, clients may call send email to support@4wires.com. This e-mail is being monitored by our technicians 24/7.

If we are going out of town, whom do we call?

Please notify the 4Wires Communications monitoring department at 718-715-1886 with your name, address, and codeword. Be sure to provide the operator with detailed information such as whether someone will be at the property, any temporary contact information for yourself or for those staying in your home, and dates for your departure and return. You may also inform us via e-mail at service@4wires.com.

I was notified of a scheduled power outage. What should we do?

Notify 4Wires Communications monitoring department with your name, address, codeword, dates, and times.

We have construction workers at the location. Whom should we notify?

Notify 4Wires Communications monitoring department of daily activity with estimated work hours. Also, indicate if you are authorizing the operator to place the system on the test and if alarms during that time frame should be ignored. (Codeword must be available.)

Our company just terminated an employee. What should I do?

Does the terminated employee know the code word or have the alarm code? If so, we recommend changing the alarm code and/or codeword immediately!  If you need assistance you may call our technical support department during normal business hours at 718-715-1886 for help changing the alarm code.   If they are on your emergency contact list and/or know your alarm code word we recommend immediately informing our Monitoring Station at 800-367-2677. You must have your account codeword to make any changes.

I have a temporary house guest. Can this person have a temporary code word?

Yes. Please submit a request with your name, address, and current codeword. Also give us the name of your house guest, the dates they will be staying at your house, and the temporary code word for your guest to use.

I received my permit number and/or renewal. Should I notify Post Alarm Systems?

Yes, call 4Wires Communications monitoring department with client name, address, and codeword.

Why is my system beeping and how do I make it stop?

During a power outage, some systems begin to beep when the AC power is turned off or turned back on. If your system is beeping, it needs to be “acknowledged” through the keypad. This may need to happen both when the power goes off and comes back on. Acknowledging the system is easy and can be done by you. The instructions for acknowledging the system are in your user manual under Trouble Conditions. It will save you time if you are able to “acknowledge” the system yourself as opposed to having our technical support walk you through the process over the phone.
Our technical support receives many phone calls during power outages and although we try to help everyone quickly, there may be a wait time.

If you are not able to acknowledge your system we would be happy to walk you through the process over the phone.

In-house technical support is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 718-715-1886. If you need immediate assistance on the weekends or after normal business hours e-mail us at Support@4wires.com, this mailbox being monitored 24/7.

What happens to my system when there is a power outage?

When the power goes out, the backup battery begins to supply power to your system. Your system will also notify you at the keypad that there is a Trouble Condition. A Trouble Condition is just a warning. Our Central Station will receive the Trouble Condition signal and notify you of the loss of AC power.

Will my system still work when the power goes out?

Yes, your alarm system will work for the life of the backup battery. Although the system will still work, it is a good idea to have a radio backup device in case the phone line becomes damaged due to bad weather.

​Radio backup is available through our company and can be added to most systems. It is standard on all new systems but may need to be added if your system is more than a couple of years old.

​Please call the Service Department at 718-715-1886 for more details on adding radio back-up to your system.

How Does My System Communicate to the Central Monitoring Station?

Most current security systems communicate through radio to our Central Monitoring Station. If your system still uses a phone line for communication, we recommend adding a radio as back up should the phone line become compromised.

In many cases, adding a radio will allow your system to have smart home capabilities. If you are interested in adding a radio please call our Service Department at 718-715-1886 for more details on adding radio back-up to your system.

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