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IP telephony refers to any phone system that transmits and receives voice data over the internet. Unlike conventional telephones, which rely on landlines, typical IP phones connect to the internet through a router.

Internet Protocol (IP) is often used by IP telephone systems to send voice communications over the internet and inside a private data network at a single location or over a private network to reach faraway locations.

The market for commercial telecommunications is being overtaken by VoIP telephony. Over 79 percent of US businesses use VoIP phones.

Why do so many companies choose VoIP?

  • If you compare an unlimited plan to a similar business landline package, you’ll see that it costs about 60% less. For instance, 4Wires communication’s [plan name] begins at [RATE]/month per line and offers unlimited calling.

Additionally, IP telephony gives your company access to sophisticated services without purchasing additional gear—simply with a good Internet connection. With 4Wires communication, you have the opportunity to upgrade your plan with the extras you need or pick sophisticated plans that contain all of our VoIP services.

  • Compatibility with CRM
    VoIP also makes it much simpler to combine phone conversations with other company technologies, such as your CRM. For many enterprises, IP telephony and VoIP are wise choices due to their capacity to consolidate data and provide clients with consistent support across many channels.
  • TelePresence
    To make video calls, you may combine IP telephony with TelePresence technologies. All you require for 4Wires Communications IP and VoIP telephony is a dependable internet connection and a strong network configuration.

Would you want to save a lot of money on the phone system?

At 4Wires Communications, we take great satisfaction in offering companies of all sizes customized solutions. Reach out, and our customer care staff will walk you through all of your choices.

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