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IP Telephone systems, also known as VoIP phone systems, refer to any phone system that transmits and receives voice data through the internet. Thus, instead of relying on a landline like a conventional telephone to complete a call, IP phones work by connecting to the internet through a router.
Today, VoIP phones are the most popular phone systems in the business, with 79% of US businesses using VoIP phones.


Why Do So Many Companies Choose VoIP Phone Systems?

  • It is cheaper. Using VoIP can be about 60% cheaper than a typical landline plan, mostly because VoIP phones take advantage of a service the business is already using, the internet. Plus, some companies, including 4Wires Communications, offer unlimited calling on VoIP phones, saving you money in the long run.
  • It is compatible with CRM.
    VoIP phones are easier to integrate with other company technologies, such as CRM. Thus, making it easier for businesses to consolidate data and provide clients with consistent support across many channels.
  • It supports TelePresence technologies. Combining VoIP systems with TelePresence technologies makes it easier for individuals to conduct virtual meetings through video conference.

Why Choose 4Wires Communication?

If you need a customized VoIP system done right, then 4Wires Communications is the team for you. We are a trusted technology solutions provider that will ensure you have a secure, dependable VoIP plan to serve your business’s needs.

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