IP Telephony Solutions

IP telephony refers to any phone system that uses an internet connection to send and receive voice data. Unlike a regular telephone that uses landlines to transmit analog signals, IP phones connect to the internet via a router and modem.

IP telephone systems usually use the Internet Protocol (IP) to transfer voice communications over the internet and use IP technology within the private data network in a single location or across a private network to reach remote areas.

VoIP telephony is taking over the business telecommunications market. Over 79% of US businesses use VoIP phones for at least one location. Why?

Why are so many businesses making the switch?

  • Up to 60% Cheaper than Landlines IP is significantly cheaper than traditional business plans. Switching to an unlimited plan can save you up to 60% over a comparable business landline plan. 4Wires communication [name of the plan], for instance, starts at [RATE]/month per line and includes unlimited calling.
  • More Features Without Extra Hardware
    IP telephony also enables your business to access advanced features without having to invest in extra hardware. Just in stable and quality Internet connection.
    With 4Wires communication, you can choose advanced enterprise plans that include all our VoIP features or upgrade your plan with the necessities you need.
  • Easy compatibility with CRM and Other Business Tools
    VoIP also makes it a lot easier to integrate voice communications with your CRM and other business tools.
    The ability to centralize data and provide consistent customer service across multiple channels (at a lower cost) makes IP telephony and VoIP a smart choice for numerous businesses.
  • TelePresence. You can also integrate your IP Telephony with TelePresence technology to get phone and video calls. To benefit from 4Wires Communications IP and VoIP telephony, all you need is a reliable internet connection and robust network setup.

Do you want significant cost savings on the phone system?

We at 4Wires Communications pride ourselves on providing tailored solutions to businesses of all sizes. Reach out, and our service team will guide you through all the options available.

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