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Keyscan Access Control Systems

Keyscan, with over two decades of expertise in the development and manufacturing of access control software, has established itself as a leading brand in today’s access control system market.

The Keyscan access control system allows you to effectively manage access across your facilities, providing innovative security software that lessens the security burden for business owners and organizations. Implementing a Keyscan system offers a range of significant benefits.

Installation of Keyscan Access Control

Keyscan access control systems are deployed globally and are trusted by major entities including government organizations such as embassies, hospitals, energy facilities, and military installations. In the corporate realm, Keyscan systems secure banks, multinational corporations, and major retail operations. Educational and religious institutions also rely on Keyscan for their security needs.

If you’re looking for a New York access control system installer to implement a Keyscan security system, 4Wires is your premier choice. We bring our extensive expertise to secure your buildings and facilities with Keyscan technology.

Contact 4Wires today for expert installation and maintenance.

Benefits of Using Keyscan Access Control

  • Securing Facilities: Keyscan systems offer effective control and security of your business environment, operating around the clock. Designed to monitor and control all access points including elevator floors, doors, and parking gates, this system puts you in command, allowing you to manage access seamlessly.

  • Flexibility in Control: Even when you are away from your facility, Keyscan systems provide the capability to remotely connect to the access control system via the Internet using WEB Customer applications. This gives you the flexibility to manage your facility’s security from anywhere.

  • Tracking: Keyscan enables efficient management and tracking of every visitor within your facilities. It can generate maps with active icons to indicate system status, activate video, control doors, display employee photos as they access secure doors, and provide vital information in emergencies. Keyscan also allows you to produce a variety of custom reports to track who accessed certain areas and when.


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