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Milestone Access Control Systems

Enhance the safety of your people and assets while optimizing daily business operations with Milestone’s open and independent IP network-based video management software (VMS).

Milestone excels in designing, developing, and producing world-class open platform IP network-based video management and surveillance solutions suitable for organizations of all sizes.

Enhance Organizational Efficiency and Security with Milestone XProtect® VMS

The Milestone XProtect® VMS products are crafted to bolster organizational processes and safety by managing, integrating, and distributing digital video data. These products are committed to delivering high-quality business video platform software, enabling customers to integrate their video solutions for both security and additional operational needs.

Operating on a true open platform, Milestone VMS offers compatibility with the industry’s widest array of cameras and top-tier business solutions, including access control and video analytics. Supporting over 7,000 cameras and hardware devices, Milestone VMS is robust, reliable, user-friendly, and is proven across more than 150,000 installations globally.

Milestone’s flexible licensing policy allows for precise scalability, letting you select the exact number of hardware device licenses you need initially, with the ease of adding more licenses or functionalities as your requirements grow.


With more than 20 years of comprehensive security solutions experience, 4Wires is a professional installer of access control systems and Milestone video management systems in New York. We provide full services in the installation, repair, and maintenance of Milestone’s complete VMS product range, including XProtect-compatible video management applications, hardware, and services.

As a leading security provider in New York, 4Wires protects and services over 20,000 clients from a variety of sectors, including residential complexes, property management and construction companies, office buildings, hotels, schools, retail stores, and small businesses, as well as governmental, hospitality, healthcare, educational, and religious institutions.

Whether your needs involve single-site entry-level software or multi-site corporate applications requiring central management and 24/7 operational monitoring of all servers, cameras, and users, our experts can deliver a Milestone video management solution ideally suited to your security needs and environment.

Contact 4Wires today for a thorough initial assessment and access control system installation near NYC.


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