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Brivo Access Control Systems

Brivo is renowned as a global frontrunner in providing cloud-based access control and video management solutions, catering to a broad range of businesses from large corporations to small enterprises across various sectors including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, education, government, property management, and retail.

Professional Access Control System Installation in New York City

The Brivo security system offers significant cost reductions in hardware procurement and operational expenses, all while being user-friendly for business owners.

If you’re seeking a professional access control system installer for Brivo security systems in New York City, look no further than 4Wires. We leverage our extensive expertise to fortify your buildings and facilities with Brivo’s advanced security solutions. Unsure about the best security system for your needs? Our expert guidance will simplify your decision-making process.

Integrated Cloud-Based Access Control and Video Surveillance

4Wires delivers a comprehensive security management solution by combining access control and video surveillance into one integrated platform with Brivo OnAir. This system provides an efficient and economical method to secure and monitor your business, whether it’s a large company or a small business with multiple locations.

Simple, Secure, and Scalable Solutions:

As a leading provider of cloud-based security systems, Brivo offers unparalleled security solutions that are both easy to use and cost-effective. 4Wires takes pride in being a certified Brivo access control system installer in New York, offering you the ultimate in security technology within a user-friendly platform.

Manage access events and video footage all from one platform—enhance the security of your facilities using our robust cloud-based infrastructure. Easily link live and recorded video with access events on a streamlined, easy-to-use platform.

Control building security right from your smartphone—manage door controls, modify user credentials, and view live and recorded video all from your mobile device. Offer users a convenient and secure way to access doors using just their smartphone.


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