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Keri Systems Access Control

Enhance your facility’s security with the cutting-edge and comprehensive access control solutions from Keri Systems, which include integrated video, photo badging, biometrics, graphic maps, and telephone entry among other robust features.

Keri Systems is a premier global provider of advanced facility access control and integrated security systems, designed to meet the demands of both current and future security and IT environments.

Flexible Networking Options with Keri's Security Hardware

Keri’s hardware offers flexible configuration options to suit various security needs. It can be set up using traditional proprietary security networking techniques, which are tailored specifically for secure environments and often involve custom solutions.

Alternatively, the hardware can also be configured through standard TCP/IP networking. This approach allows the integration of Keri’s hardware into existing network infrastructures or the creation of dedicated networks exclusively for the security system. This dual capability ensures that Keri’s systems can adapt to both specialized security setups and more generalized IT environments.


With more than 20 years of expertise in full security solutions, 4Wires is a professional and seasoned Keri access control system integrator in New York. We offer comprehensive services including installation, repair, and maintenance for the full range of Keri products, such as proximity card access control, telephone entry systems, integrated automated pedestrian turnstiles, biometric fingerprint readers, video surveillance, and proximity readers.

As one of the leading security service providers in New York, we protect and assist over 20,000 clients of all types, including residential properties, property management and construction companies, office buildings, hotels, schools, retail stores, and small businesses, as well as government, hospitality, healthcare, educational, and religious institutions.

Whether your needs encompass a single door or an enterprise-class system, our experts are equipped to provide a tailored Keri Systems access control solution that perfectly matches your organization’s security requirements and environment.

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