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LATCH Access Control Systems

Boost your security and streamline access control with Latch’s advanced smart keyless entry systems, allowing you to manage and open doors via smartphone, keycard, or door code.

Latch simplifies access for everyone in a modern building. Specializing in high-quality keyless entry systems, Latch equips building owners, property managers, and developers with the tools to oversee every door in a multi-family building. Additionally, residents can grant time-limited access codes to guests and service providers, enhancing both convenience and security.

LATCH Smart Locks

Main Advantages of Latch Systems

Latch offers a comprehensive access control systems, integrating top-tier hardware and software designed to comply with the most stringent building codes. With its aesthetically pleasing finishes, Latch’s systems blend seamlessly into any modern architectural setting.

  • Record access logs and capture photos when someone attempts to unlock a door.
  • Utilize keyless and easily trackable credentials such as the Latch App and Smart Keycard, eliminating the risks associated with physical keys.
  • Easily revoke access remotely, avoiding the need for a locksmith.
  • Set door access schedules, restricting entry to specific times and days.
  • Enable two-factor authentication for added security through the Latch Manager app, ideal for portfolio and property managers.


With over 20 years of experience in comprehensive security solutions, 4Wires is a premier Latch access control system installer in New York, providing installation, repair, and maintenance services for the complete Latch product line, including the R Series, M Series, and C Series.

As a leading security company in New York, 4Wires serves over 20,000 clients across diverse sectors—including residential properties, property management companies, construction firms, office buildings, hotels, schools, retail stores, and small businesses, as well as governmental, hospitality, healthcare, educational, and religious institutions.

Looking for comprehensive control over access to your building and apartments? Our experts can help you achieve a new level of convenience and security with Latch’s state-of-the-art digital entry systems.

Contact 4Wires today for an initial assessment and access control system installation near me.


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