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Amazon Key Access Control Systems

Enhance your building’s entry system with Amazon Key for Business, a free, secure, and cloud-based access control system designed to streamline package delivery. This solution significantly reduces the time spent managing Amazon deliveries, offering a convenient and authorized method for couriers to access apartment lobbies or package rooms.

4Wires is excited to announce our partnership with Amazon to provide complimentary installations of Amazon Key for Business for commercial and residential buildings in New York.

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Ideal Solution for Property Management

  • No Cost to You: The installation and service are fully funded by Amazon, with no expenses now or in the future.
  • Improved Delivery Performance: Provides reliable delivery directly to your residents.
    Professional Installation by 4Wires: Expert setup with minimal disruption.
  • Less Time Managing Deliveries: Frees up staff from handling packages.
  • Advanced Secure Access Technology by Amazon: Includes multi-factor authorization for drivers, who receive one-time access when at the door, enhancing building security.
  • Enhanced Building Security: Reduces the risk of theft by minimizing improperly delivered packages.
  • Increased Delivery Accuracy: Detailed delivery instructions help place packages in optimal locations for both management and residents.
  • Cost Savings and Valuable Amenity: Eliminates the need for staffing aligned with Amazon’s extensive delivery schedule, saving significant management time and costs as highlighted by the Wall Street Journal.

Professional Amazon Key For Business Installation in NYC

How It Works:

  • The Amazon Key for Business smart fob integrates seamlessly with your existing building access system, maintaining the usual resident experience.
  • Delivery drivers request access through the Amazon delivery app.
  • Amazon verifies the driver’s ID, route, location, and timing of the request.
  • Drivers receive time-limited access specifically for their delivery.
  • Access is restricted to public areas such as corridors or mailrooms, with GPS tracking of drivers on your property.
  • Secure and efficient delivery of residents’ packages.

Interested in Installing This Device in Your Building?

Contact 4Wires today to schedule your free installation and make package management effortless for your property. 4Wires is your trusted New York access control system installer, providing a smooth and professional setup of Amazon Key for Business.



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