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HID Global Access Control Systems

Secure your physical and digital spaces, prevent security breaches, and comply with the latest regulations using 4Wires’ extensive suite of identity and access management products from HID Global.

HID Global specializes in creating robust access control and secure identity management solutions including smart cards, readers, printers, RFID tags, software, and mobile access options. These solutions offer paramount security for facilities, assets, networks, and resources.

A Wide Range of Customized, Integrable, and Fully Remote Systems

With a focus on enhancing speed, accuracy, efficiency, and security, HID Global is recognized worldwide as a reliable provider of secure identity solutions, empowering millions of users to engage safely, work effectively, learn confidently, and travel securely.

HID Global’s offerings are utilized across various sectors including commercial buildings, businesses of varying sizes, governments, educational institutions, hospitals, financial organizations, and more, aiding in the creation of secure and trusted physical and digital environments.


With over 20 years of expertise in comprehensive security solutions, 4Wires is a professional and adept integrator of HID access control systems in New York City. We offer full services in the installation, repair, and maintenance of HID Global’s complete product range, which includes secure multi-factor authentication systems, access controls for doors, parking, and gates, biometric readers, RFID solutions, card and badge printers, and IP-enabled networked access solutions.

As a premier HID access control system installer in New York, we safeguard and service over 20,000 clients, encompassing residential properties, property management firms, construction companies, office complexes, hotels, schools, retail outlets, and small enterprises, in addition to sectors like government, hospitality, healthcare, education, and religious institutions.

Our experts are dedicated to identifying and protecting your assets, tracking objects and activities, and enhancing operational efficiencies. We offer secure, convenient, and dependable identity and access management solutions from HID Global tailored to meet the specific security requirements and conditions of your organization.

Contact 4Wires today for a comprehensive initial security assessment by professional New York access control system installers.


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